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venetian princess (katy perry) i kissed a girl

17. 10. 2009
It was my boyfriend family
Not something crazy
He look me to meet This old granny
Then something pleased me

She´s not like most elderly
She kept glaring from behind The chips
I went to kiss her on the cheek
And she went for my lips!

I kissed a girl, and i liked it
The faste of her denture cream
If i had a drink she would have spiked it
But it´s okay with me

I was enticed I found my vice
I wish she had Planted one
On me Twince it was my sin
Soft wrinkled skin

Stretched sajgy chin
A toothless grin

No i don´t even knot her age
It doesn´t watter
Look me inside an iron cage
It will not shatter this buring flame

It can´t be tamed
No! I cannot resist her snow white hair
Wintage wheelehair
Spark flew the moment we kissed!


I don´t knot what happened to me
My faste went from Brad Pitt to grannies
Walkers dentures and hearing aids
I lake my ladies older by decades

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
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